Dear APAS, I would like very much to thank you for all the cheerful help and guidance (and the laughs) while your staff at APAS have made building my rental house (investment property) so much easier. All those documents and schedules and hiring builders, rental agents (property managers) etc, I would of been knackered without you. Again, thank you kindly. I hope to work with you again soon.

– Gregg


My APAS consultant did a fantastic job for me when I applied for a Home Loan. I have no hesitations in recommending them to anyone who is looking for a loan. My APAS consultant informed me of all my options and suggested the best one for my current finances with being a single dad. They also kept me informed on how the loan was progressing as soon as they got to know. I also know if I have a question or a problem that they are only too happy to hear from me to help me solve it. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends in the future.

– Peter


Thank you for ongoing service during the stages of my investment property process. In all seriousness, the selection day was a great learning experience in choosing growth areas. The build stages was made easier through corresponding with APAS when the necessary payments were required. With the build completed I was immediately engaged with your recommended Property Manager to arrange the initial property inspection which I was quite impressed with. I was equally impressed with the prompt nature in which suitable tenants were attracted to the property and have been residing there since. Your recommended property managers have been prompt in supplying me with regular statements. In all, I have found the journey, beginning from your initial consultation right through with the various stages and with those who I have dealt with helpful as I believe I would not have been able to achieve the results to this point on my own. Once again I cannot thank all involved enough. If I advance to the opportunity whereby my finances allow me to add to my investment property portfolio, I would not hesitate to again engage the services in which you represent. My next initiation involved in this process is of course the all important tax consultation. I am hopeful of engaging the services of you and your colleagues again in the near future.

– Bruce


I have been very impressed with the service from the Australian Property Advisory Service. APAS has helped me purchasing a new investment property for my retirement purposes and to refinance my existing home loan with better interest rate and a correctly structured home loan.

APAS constantly went the extra mile, and was extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process. I truly felt from the beginning that I could trust my APAS consultant and that they had my best interests at heart. My APAS consultant has been always been patient and has offered practical and sound advice on all occasions. My experience with the Australian Property Advisory Service has been very impressive and I have no hesitation to recommend them to family & friends.

– Karen


The decision to purchase an investment property was a huge leap into the unknown for us. When we were initially visited by the Australian Property Advisory Service consultant, they told us that APAS would take care of everything, and that has been pretty much the experience we have had. Everyone that we have been in contact with at APAS has been courteous and they have been able to answer all of our questions. They are with you the whole way through the process. Their support has been fantastic. We would recommend APAS to anyone who is thinking about buying an investment property.

– A


I would like to thank our consultant from the Australian Property Advisory Service for their professional friendly service, they made refinancing my existing home and my investment property an effortless task which has made it a pleasurable experience. I received a very competitive rate, I was always well informed every step of the way and any enquiries were addressed straight away. I would recommend APAS to anyone and would have no hesitation in using them again.

– Max

Stage 1 }

Initial Consultation

Stage 2 }

Finance Structuring & Profile Meeting

Stage 3 }

Property Selection Day

Stage 4 }

Continued Support, Service, Advice & Opportunity

One step at a time to keep it simple!

Our philosophy is to apply our experience and our expertise to obtain a better bottom line result for you.

Imagine being “plugged in” to our team of recommended professionals who specialize in all the elementary components of successful property investment including:

  • 1. Affordability
  • 2. Location
  • 3. Finance Structure
  • 4. Tax Benefits
  • 5. Tenant Appeal
  • 6. Ongoing Support
  • 7. Property Type
  • 8. Wealth Creation for Retirement Lifestyle
  • 9. Conveyancing/Legal
  • 10. Property Selection
  • 11. Debt Reduction
  • 12. Depreciation Schedules
  • 13. Property Research
  • 14. Interest Rates

APAS provides a genuine “One Stop Shop” solution including strategy formation, implementation and ongoing monitoring. We source and co-ordinate all the elements involved. It’s as simple as that!