Many clients have told us they feel they pay too much tax – income tax, goods & services tax (GST), import duty tax etc., – how do you feel about how much of your gross income has been paid in tax?

Tax deductions associated with property investment could help make it more affordable.

The Australian Property Advisory Service team of professionals includes a panel of Accountants we are comfortable in recommending to our clients for accurate income tax returns whether our client is PAYG or any type of self-employment.

Remember you can pick and choose whether you use one or any of our recommended professionals.

Residential property is one of the most popular and powerful strategies for Australians to legitimately reduce the amount of tax they pay. As to how the topic of legitimate tax minimisation relates to your individual capacity, goals and needs, APAS gives clients a free consultation so an in-depth analysis of your current circumstances by experts in the field can answer such questions as how much Tax could you save, and what specific property strategies would be the most effective for your circumstances.

While we are in our productive working years, we are able to utilise legitimate taxation rebates to contribute significantly towards the costs of acquiring/holding investment properties.

We have encountered many do-it-yourself-investors (DIY) investors who had little or no understanding of how to receive their entitled tax rebates. In other words, simply due to a lack of knowledge and experience, they were doing it the hard way.

In fact it’s the DIY property investors who appreciate the APAS method more than first time investors when they realize APAS can get them a better result for less work and cost.

This is another benefit of being plugged in to our team of professionals to apply a systematic approach to property investment while enjoying the armchair ride allowing you (our client) to focus on your work and family schedule.

Economists have stated in the past that the building industry is integral to the health of the Australian economy so the Australian Property Advisory Service is proud our efforts for our clients are helping the country. It’s nice to know that if you help yourself and your family by enjoying the APAS armchair ride, you are helping the nation!

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