The Australian Property Advisory Service associated finance advisory divisions are comprised of MFAA/COSL Credit Advisers and accredited professionals duly appointed under ASIC credit licensing requirements. Their skillsets and experience is specifically attuned to the formulation, implementation and monitoring of the best fit finance solution for your residential investment property and your owner occupied mortgage. They provide customised, carefully considered advice on property finance for Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney based clients, as well as investors from other areas.

Property finance structuring is a concept we often see neglected by DIY property investors who have benefited from the proper connectivity of loans, debt allocation and debt reduction techniques as espoused by our people.

Naturally all lenders have different rates, qualification criteria, fee structure, and products. Our duly appointed credit representatives and finance consultants have direct access to products and services from over 30 lenders, and the skills and experience to sort through the minefield of options to determine the right product and strategy approach for your first investment property. Alternatively, property finance can be arranged to accommodate immediate or ongoing expansion of your portfolio.

Many of our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane based clients have also made significant savings of interest dollars and are now on track to reduce the term of the home loan for their owner occupied/principal place of residence (PPR) thanks to our expertise in loan structuring.

What this means for you as a prospective first time or multiple investor is simple. When considering property finance, approaching one lender gives no guarantee that the employee you are directly dealing with has the necessary experience to properly structure and guide the purchase, or that the product sourced is the absolute best fit for your circumstances and overall strategy.

Investment property is our business and we are experts in the field. APAS’ finance advisory specialists are also constantly negotiating with lenders to secure some of the best, non-advertised interest rates not available to the public. This also ensures investors with an existing mortgage in either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne can have these non-advertised interest rates applied to their home loan and thus forms a critical element of a holistic investment strategy.

The finance specialists working for Australian Property Advisory Service clients across Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney always observe 3 essential principles when structuring finance;

  • Minimise risk to the PPR (principal place of residence)
  • Minimise fees (from banks and government)
  • Maximise tax effectiveness
  • Maximise clients’ ability to pay less bank interest
  • Enhance our clients’ ability to own their home sooner.

This results in the smoothest path to settlement, the lowest initial and ongoing cost, and the least hassle with the flexibility and ongoing service you need to ensure trouble free monitoring and expansion of your portfolio over the long term.

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Initial Consultation

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Finance Structuring & Profile Meeting

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Property Selection Day

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Continued Support, Service, Advice & Opportunity