We often describe successful residential investment with the Australian Property Advisory Service as a “set and forget” investment vehicle which works quietly in the background every day to build wealth for you and your family. We offer property investment advice for clients based across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. Before diving into the realm of the residential investment market, you will want some in depth and non-bias property investment advice.

The APAS four stage process represents a system for creating wealth using proven effective property investment criteria, it is a system that means you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Our property investment advice is designed to help clients in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane understand the investment process as well as give them the best chance to succeed.

Stage 1 }

Initial Consultation

Stage 2 }

Finance Structuring & Profile Meeting

Stage 3 }

Property Selection Day

Stage 4 }

Continued Support, Service, Advice & Opportunity

One step at a time to keep it simple!

Our philosophy is to apply our experience and our expertise to obtain a better bottom line result for you. Follow our in depth and easy to understand property investment advice and you will soon see your residential investment grow to a stable passive income regardless of if you invest in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Imagine being “plugged in” to our team of recommended professionals who specialise in all the elementary components of successful investment including:

  • 1. Affordability
  • 2. Location
  • 3. Finance Structure
  • 4. Tax Benefits
  • 5. Tenant Appeal
  • 6. Ongoing Support
  • 7. Property Type
  • 8. Wealth Creation for Retirement Lifestyle
  • 9. Conveyancing/Legal
  • 10. Property Selection
  • 11. Debt Reduction
  • 12. Depreciation Schedules
  • 13. Property Research
  • 14. Interest Rates

APAS provides a genuine “One Stop Shop” solution including strategy formation, implementation and ongoing monitoring. We source and co-ordinate all the elements involved. It’s as simple as that!

So if you are ready to take the first steps towards a growing passive income then contact us today on 1300 762 114 to receive some property investment advice. Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, wherever you are located APAS can advise you on the right steps to take.