At the Australian Property Advisory Service (APAS) we provide clients across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane an armchair ride approach to buying investment property. Better results can be achieved with a systemic approach following proven criteria. We believe a best fit solution comes by way of a thorough analysis of your financial circumstances by industry accredited professionals.

As our client you’ll receive the focussed attention of industry experts to ensure you are getting the foundations right, and that you make smart choices when you buy investment property, before you take steps to start or expand your portfolio.

“The longest journey begins with a simple step” and many people allow fear to prevent even the first step in buying an investment property.

If we look at the word “fear” and turn it into an acronym, we can put it into perspective; F.E.A.R. = False Expectations Appearing Real. If you think of your worst fear associated with buying an investment property in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other strategically advantageous locale around the country, we’ve probably got a system or method to mitigate and/or eliminate that fear with proven methods that provide reassurance.

Why buy investment property?

Residential investment property is used by many Australians to create wealth – and for good reason.

It’s hard to argue with the concept that rents and market values across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are greater today than they were 10 years ago, and ten years ago they were higher than they were 20 years ago and so on. In fact, the further you look back in time the less real estate is worth and the lower the income it attracts. Therefore looking forward into the future – the same well established pattern can be expected to continue.

The logic behind buying investment property is simple – the market values increase over time, leading to a relatively stable investment market. So when you decide it is time to buy investment property, APAS will guide you through the process. From initial consultation to monitoring and management. We make buying an investment property in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane and easy task.

Call us on 1300 762 114 and discover the APAS difference. Build your wealth without a worry and buy investment property today.

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