Getting Your Property Ready for Rent

You can’t expect to buy a property, slap up a lease sign and watch the wealth poor in. There is a bit of love, commitment and care involved in making sure your investment property is ready for rent. Potential tenants will judge your property on more than just price and location. The condition of the interior and exterior of your property are important factors as well as anything else that adds or detracts from the overall value of your investment home. Before putting your property up for lease... Read More

Is Subdivision Right For You?

Depending on your location, you could be sitting on a gold mine! Not a literal gold mine but a property investment nugget. If the location is right and your local town planning regulations allow for it, property subdivision is a great way to unlock the hidden wealth in your own backyard. Areas in high demand such as inner city suburbs are often the perfect place to subdivide. But how do you know if you can subdivide? Check Local Regulations Certain municipalities have restrictions on subdi... Read More

Why You Need Residential Property Management

An investment property is your plan for the future. You have decided to buy a house, lease it out and reap the glorious rewards. But where do you begin? This is where an experienced property management company comes in handy. Regardless of if you have already purchased your investment or you are simply considering a new investment or property subdivision a professional property manager can help. One-stop-shop Solutions The benefits of working with a property investment company is that they... Read More

Attracting the Right Tenants

One way to make profits through investment property is to build wealth through cash flow positive properties. When your rental income exceeds the costs of your property you begin to profit from your investments. The best way to ensure constant income and a steady cash flow is to attract the right tenants for your property. Location Choice is Important Consider the type of tenant you would like to attract. If you are looking for reliable family renters, choose a location that is close to sc... Read More

Tips for Buying Investment Property

Although no investment is risk-free, the housing market has long been considered one of the safest investment options in Australia. Property investment is a long term commitment, you may not see the benefits immediately but over time you may develop a secure financial future. Although you may think buying a second home is madness, once you take into account the tax benefits in conjunction with income from your tenants the overall cost is usually a lot lower than you expect. The toughest part of ... Read More