Established in 1997 as a group of companies, Australian Property Advisory Service (APAS) has continued to drive exceptional results for our clients in property investment, tax minimisation and retirement planning strategies.

APAS offer professional property managers who orchestrate all the elements on your behalf that are involved in the successful establishment of investment strategies. Our property managers also provide further ongoing monitoring and management of your investment portfolio with the goal focus being freedom and self-sufficiency in retirement.

Our philosophy is to apply our experience and our expertise as a leading residential property management business to obtain a better bottom line result for clients across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Property Management to Suit You

APAS allows you to be “plugged in” to a series of professionals who specialise in all elements of residential property management and investment. This team can offer you advice on finance structure, tax benefits, type of building, retirement planning, debt reduction and more. Through residential property management you can find the right location, tenants and financial support for your investment plans.

Our team are linked in with some of the most important networks involved in successful residential asset investment. From financial advisors right through to construction and development companies and town planners, we are tapped in to the market and can pass on our knowledge to you.

Our connections allow us to receive knowledge about future developments, new infrastructure and economic changes prior to full public knowledge. Sydney clients can crack into the difficult housing market, Melbourne residents can afford a bayside investment home and even pack up and retire to sunny Brisbane – all through successful residential property investment.

Residential property management for Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne clients includes ongoing support to monitor your passive income. We put your mind at ease and allow your investment to grow. Choose professional residential property managers from APAS to help you reach your financial goals.

Call us on 1300 762 114 to discuss how our leading managers and services can help you.

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Initial Consultation

Stage 2 }

Finance Structuring & Profile Meeting

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Property Selection Day

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Continued Support, Service, Advice & Opportunity

One step at a time to keep it simple!

Our philosophy is to apply our experience and our expertise to obtain a better bottom line result for you.

Imagine being “plugged in” to our team of recommended professionals who specialize in all the elementary components of successful property investment including:

  • 1. Affordability
  • 2. Location
  • 3. Finance Structure
  • 4. Tax Benefits
  • 5. Tenant Appeal
  • 6. Ongoing Support
  • 7. Property Type
  • 8. Wealth Creation for Retirement Lifestyle
  • 9. Conveyancing/Legal
  • 10. Property Selection
  • 11. Debt Reduction
  • 12. Depreciation Schedules
  • 13. Property Research
  • 14. Interest Rates

APAS provides a genuine “One Stop Shop” solution including strategy formation, implementation and ongoing monitoring. We source and co-ordinate all the elements involved. It’s as simple as that!